Design and Structure of

We are here to present you an idea of e-procurement for industries. As the word itself states the definition  to the process of purchase and sale of goods or services through electronic methods, primarily the Internet.

we are developing an interface from which industries can procure products and manage there data.

Through-out the presentation we will be explaining you how currently the procurement is working and how we will collaborate with industries for developing the interface to solve the issue of this process and what help we need from your end.

Convenience of e-Procurement

  •  Quick decision making with well defined transparent evaluation process.
  •  Reduction in administrative costs by 40% – 50%.
  • Doubled productivity with same employee.
  • User are update with the recent technology.
  • Knowledge transfer among employees.
  • Transparency between the vendors and buyers
  • Door to door business ends here.
  • Increased transaction transparency and auditing.
  • Improved Process efficiency:- Long lead times due to existing
    manual processing  at several administrative, financial, budgetary
    &Payment stages are reduced to almost less than ¼.
  • Previous history or past purchase easily can be called and verified.
  • No extra and heavy cost of maintenance need to pay for the software.

Current market of e-procurement:

This is an internet era we have all the data here whatever we needed.
But still we are limited when it comes to industries.
Whole lot of paper work is need many approves are need , time to time follow-up,
chasing to customers, old technology use due to unawareness of new product/R&D,
no time for R&D, employees are more lean to production growth.

There are many more reasons why industries do not automate there process
Bessie this we have a e-procurement doing quite well for Indian market
But there flaws is our strength.

  • These are few technology which is already doing good in there way for industrial market.Only provide the referrals to the customers.
  • To much data requires to get a simple product details.
  • Incorrect or non-updated data available most of the time.
  • No direct experience with the products or the manufacturers.
  • No skilled on site assistance available.
  • Full detail of products not available.
  • Non of the competitor have skilled engineers for better services.

Solution with ape

  • We provide a complete solution for procurement of any kind of products.
  • This will be efficient in compiling many products and making fare decision.
  • Update to the new technologies.
  • Easy to handle and recall the data.
  • No extra approval needed to install the application.
  • UI is v easy to understand and to use.(mobile application & website)
  • Many products ranges.
  • Local representative/dealers also available.
  • No mediator through the ape app, hence lower the cost.

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