Acrylic Body Rotameter



  • Acrylic body rotameters are intended for general in line metering applications (i.e. for Gas & Liquid) where operating conditions are with the limitations of Acrylic Body metering tubes.
  • The float moves freely up and down tapered Acrylic body Tube with fluid flow from bottom to top. The float takes up a position where buoyancy forces and the float weight are balanced in proportion to flow rate.
  • The Vertical position of the float as indicated by scale is the measure of the instantaneous flow rate.

Additional information

Easy Projection Mounting

Neat Modular Appearance

Direct Reading Scale

Shatter Proof Acrylic Body

Suitable For Gas & Liquid Flow

Unique Flush Panel Mounting (Series FSB)

Light Weight, Compact

Built- In Flow Control Valve (Series FSA, FSB)

Best Visibility


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