Electromagnetic Flowmeter


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  • Flow Star series FEMAG are micro-controller based full bore type electromagnetic flow transmitter specially used for various industrial applications
  • These flow transmitters accurately measures the flow rate of conductive liquids & slurries in closed pipes
  • Due to simple & rigid design the flow transmitter is an obstruction less & maintenance free instrument in place of conventional mechanical flow measuring device
  • The use of ‘Pulsed DC’ technology offers highest ability & better measuring accuracy in the form of electrical signal 4 – 20 ma DC linearly proportional to volumetric flow
  • The instrument is based on Faraday’s law of electro-magnetic induction. A magnetic field is generated by the instrument in the flow tube
  • The fluid flowing through this magnetic field generates a voltage that is proportional to the flow velocity. Corresponding electrical output is provided with respect to measuring voltage

Salient Features:

  • Indication through LED / LCD
  • Full Bore type
  • Microprocessor based
  • Simple & cost effective construction
  • Provides wide flow ranges
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Operates over wide ranges of temperature & pressure
  • Easy maintenance as no moving parts
  • Pulsed DC coil excitation
  • Flame-proof, IP-65, IIA, IIB CMRI certified housing


Additional information


Liquids (Clear)


200 cp max

Line Size

15 NB to 300 NB


Pulsed DC coil


1) 16 x 2 LCD, 2) 4 digit, 0.3” Red LED for Flow Rate Indication & 8 digit, 0.3” Red LED for Totalised Flow

Type of Output

4 to 20 ma DC, Isolated

Calibration Range

As per requirement (Factory Calibrated)


/- 0.5% F. S.


/- 0.5%


/- 1%

Process Temperature

150 0C max

Process Pressure

10 kg/cm2 max

Material of construction

Lining – Neoprene / Rubber / PTFE (Teflon)



Electrode,Whetted Parts

SS 316

Power Supply

1) 230 V AC, 50 Hz /- 10%, 2) 24 V DC, External

Power Consumption

< 10 VA

Response Time

< 100 msec


1.4 KV between Input, Output & Power Supply

Temperature Coefficient

/- 0.1% per 0C

Transmitter Enclosure

Flame-proof, IP-65, IIA, IIB CMRI certified


As per chart on rear

Process Connections

ASA B 16.5, Flanged


In-Line (Horizontal OR Vertical)

Operating Conditions

Temperature 0 to 55 0C / Humidity 5 to 95% non condensing


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